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Internt Of Thing

VisioSoft is our firmware, research and development company that produces IoT devices across various communication protocols that assist business to increase ROI, improve business process and promote savings


Payment Platforms

PayPoint is our Service and Technology Company providing Debit and Credit Card Payments, SSD-ATM, Pre-Payment, Grant payments and Insurance systems to Financial Institutions, State Owned Enterprises and Retailers.

Artificial Intelligence

TTi is our real time Artificial Intelligence platform for corporates wanting to understand the opportunities, risk and the profiles within their customer and employee base.Leveraging the latest in machine learning and algorithms, TTi profiles people in real time.

Data Visualisation

Smart-View Technology delivers the best in class bespoke software solutions, providing real-time visibility through digitization.


We will be your IT partner and guide, providing a custom service that’s tailored to your business needs.


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